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CorrSim Junior

Promoting STEM to Kids of the Wired Generation

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative, Revolutionized.

CorrSim Junior is an arcade-simulation game at the Orlando Science Center. Targeted towards kids aged five to twelve, it aims to introduce corrosion engineering as an interesting field of study and encourage kids to consider related professions when they grow up.

The gamified learning experience, utilizing AAA-quality 3D graphics, the motion sensor technology of Kinect and multi-touch technology of the iPad, speaks the language of the current generation and delivers the message of the STEM project with maximum retention.

Lessons Learned Integrated as Game Goals

  • Learn the basics of material preparation
  • Learn the methods of corrosion prevention
  • Interactively apply coating systems on familiar objects
  • Restore items in less time
  • Customize items
  • Take snapshots of items and share them online

The First Training Ground for Inquisitive Minds

  • Efficiency and discipline are simulated by simple rules and goals
  • Critical thinking is reinforced and rewarded through time constraints
  • Creativity is encouraged through customization
  • Follow-through is promoted by having a longer version available for download at the child’s convenience, after his turn at the Orlando Science Center exhibit floor