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The Engineering Research Data Management (ERDM)

Smarter Documentation, Stronger Conclusions.

An Archiving and Documentation Platform in Support of the Academia

ERDM gives researchers working on corrosion projects funded by the Department of Defense a sizable online storage equipped with a powerful data management system so they can efficiently and securely upload, update and keep track of their documents, as well as consistently meet their report deadlines.

It currently caters to nine American universities.

A Solid yet Agile Engine

  • Various account types available to manage user capabilities and privileges across projects
  • Supports the standard file formats
  • Cloud-Based deployment and distribution
  • Optimized tools for searching files and archives, and making uploaded documents search-friendly
  • The convenience of drag-and-drop and right click capabilities—manage your projects online as you would your files on your desktop computer
  • Collaboration and mentoring made easy

Empowering Researchers, Both Present and Future

  • Notification systems for project deadlines and submissions
  • Built-in templates to aid in submitting reports in the format required by the DoD
  • Helps in contextualizing information
  • Supports future re-use and re-purposing of data
  • Allows management of research activity as a mutually explanatory set

Building the Network of Corrosion Professionals

  • Online profiles allow users to showcase projects they’ve been involved in or are currently involved in, and their respective roles
  • Find the right people for the right projects, across all participating universities