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The Universal Learning Application (ULA)

The Complete Corrosion Resource Hub for Mobile

A Light yet Powerful E-Learning Platform for Tablets

  • Modules are downloadable per chapter
  • Runs courses even without an internet connection after the initial download
  • Plays video courses and loads interactive exercises and exams
  • Tracks your progress and keeps a record of your exam scores
  • Supports text, photos, videos, and animations
  • Compliant to the Disabilities Act Section 508
  • Compliant to the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
  • Has tools for optimized memory usage

The Future of Online Education and Learning Management

  • All the features of a desktop-based Learning Management System
  • Sync mobile account with online account to credit incremental progress
  • Fully utilizes multi-touch technology
  • User interface engineered to be intuitive and engaging

The Trusted, On-the-go, Corrosion Companion of:

  • Corrosion professionals such as technicians, inspectors and maintainers deployed in the field and needing portable access to information
  • Corrosion Engineering students who have extra time while away from their desk computers
  • Members of the defense acquisition work force who need to renew their certifications but can’t take long leaves of absence to attend classroom courses
  • Developers and manufacturers of corrosion-combating technologies looking to be contractors for government projects
  • Program Managers and Systems Engineers given the responsibility of making delicate and large-impact corrosion-related decisions